Friday, March 13, 2009

WTF for Friday ,

It's Fridaya & usually my one liner for the entire day (and most of the weekend) is "F*UCK IT!" Cause really who cares, I've busted my ass all week long, dealt with the 7 children in my household all week long, stuck in traffic all week long, put up with funky attitudes ALL WEEK LONG, over worked, not enough pay, ECONOMY SUCKS, boss giving my a headache, been sick all week, just time to say mannn, F*CK it! But instead I'm changing it up, WTF for?! (What the F*ck for).

It's Friday!

gotta please someone...WTF FOR?
deadlines... WTF FOR?
fake it... WTF FOR?
nice....WTF FOR?

It works for anything really and it serves it's purpose! We work hard (at least most of us do) We deserve a day (or two) NOT to care about a damn thing! I take it when I can, I need to or else I will go crazy! Enjoy your Friday everyone and your weekend, make it count cause in 2 more days, back to being slaves of the working world!

Please feel free to comment your WTF for Friday! ox

WTF for,

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Mrs. Johnson said...

makes sense! although, i don't have any WTF for's today. i guess that's my attitude everyday. lol

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

LOL very Excellent post.