Thursday, March 12, 2009

weekend happens II ,

This club was a hole in the wall, in the middle of no where, in the mist of factories. Friday night was one of the funniest nights ever. The photograph liked me a little too much and since then we have became friends but he is a little pissed that I said I would NEVER be seen in that place again. lmao. It's all in good fun, a good time is where ever am I, I make the most out of my shitty surroundings lmao. Anyway about 3 more weeks till Bounce grand Re-Opening. CAN'T WAIT! Saturday afternoon, DeeDee and I went down to Hollywood, to see RENT not what I was expecting at all had a couple of laughs, a drink, a nap, and left at intermission. We couldn't take anymore. lmao. So we headed to Thai town and had some amazing Thai food, talked laughed and ate! From there we went to my cousin's house to see DeeDee's god son for his birthday. Hang out for a bit. Interesting convo/debate over Prop 8, bible, vegetarians, Adela's life. All in fun, my family is most interesting!! From there we headed home. Later that night DeeDee, Goya, Tommy, and I headed over to San Manuel. Now originally I was suppose to have plans with D but um no call no show leads to me making other plans. Low and behold who do we ran into that night, multiple times. haha. I will never understand man and there way of thinking. Why do guys feel they have to lie about the smallest shit. Your NOT my man I damn sure aint your girl, why do you need to lie, front, mislead, or think I care what your doing. What I always tell my boys, "keep it 100 and we wont have a problem" SIMPLE! The most annoying thing to me is a man that tell you everything HE THINK you want to hear and it's a BOLD FACE lie. I mean really give me some more credit then that, in any given conversation I'm sure you can tell that I peep game so fast it will make your head spin. LOSER!! haha I'm just rambling but to say the least that night proved to be validation to myself and my mental! That look on his face was priceless! Anyway bets won, gambling occured till wee hours in the am, breakfast burritos, and WTF for & WTP was born!! All in all a GREAT night!! & all achieved by wear 3.5" heels for just about 8 hours! (not ever sitting down) I DID NOT sleep in on Sunday got up spent it with mr. Exavier. In the late afternoon went to get a mani and pani, which my new color I'm in love with! David came out to take me to see Watchmen. 9:55 showing, 2 1/2 hour flic, so worth it. He pick me up in his Charger and felt the need to show me how fast the damn thing goes, yepp it's fast. Great cupcake session, laughs, FUMBLE, popcorn technique learned, blue glowing penis, and window drawings. Sunday was absolutely the icing on the cake! This is what weekends are made of.

Trying to recover for this weekend,

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Seth B. said...

Damn, you've been more active than me lately. Haha!

insomniaclolita said...

You look great! That sounds like a ton of fun:)