Tuesday, March 24, 2009

weekend happenings ,

weekend of 3/20. (stilll missing pix from Friday)

Saturday night -
Location - TGIF, yard house, bj's

Oscar is (was) in town hit up the bar scene, TGIFridays, Yardhouse & BJs
great drinks (lots of drinks)
rabbit food
Why are you Evil talk
picture happy
lala dance
"don't you wish you boyfriend had a Johnson like mine" lmao
girl fight
(yes I got kicked out of the Yardhouse for almost whooping a bitches ass)
I could say so much more about the whole situation but I'm not, I wasn't drunk, she was, she was a dirty fucken hooker, with no class, look like PWT, and was a WOFT!!! Lucky for her I didn't find her ass in the parking lot leaving. pfft!
Headed over to BJs to end the night
more drinks
more pictures
boob shots
slip n slide (& fall)
send Evil off with O (hahaha master plan)
with home with mymy
bare feet
OOC night
always good times!

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