Friday, March 27, 2009

via text message

incoming text message, 3/26 @ 10:12PM
sender will remain nameless ... lmao

" Have sweet dreams sexy, imma be reserved tomorrow because my girl will be there and I don't wanna be accused of acting "stuck up" "

(I called him stuck up after seeing him a couple of weeks ago and he acted like he didn't know a bitch, the next day found out he has a "girl")

lmao AND guys ask me why I'm so mean, guarded, have no tolerance, and no trust!! haha Men are garbage (most, anyway) It just really tickles my fancy that this dude felt he needed to let me know that if I run into him tonight that he will act shady cause his girl is in town. WTF. Is this text meant to alert me?!? I mean really? Who does that?! I'm I the "other girl" haha NOOOO! We don't even get down like that, never been out, we just pass eachother in the sence of things every weekend && HE choose to hit me up EVERYDAY lmaoooo! But poor girl tho I don't think she realize she is in an "open relationship" at least that's what he calls it. Prime reason why I don't get involved in the relationship drama, this generation men think and act as if they are on some Diddy type shit, but baby YOU AIN'T DIDDY OR J!! Get over it and yourself. This gave me a great laugh this AM. Hope it did the same for you all.


obviously the other girl LMAO,

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J.Rae said...

men. ughhhh

The Corny Collins Show said...

That's crazy cause I could never picture you as "the other girl".

this saddens me!

LaLa said...

Let's CLEAR this SHIT UP. I AM NOT NOR WILL I EVERRR EVER EVER BE THE OTHER GIRL. Sweetie, re-read this post. I'm joking on ol' boy for text me this mess. Please I'm worth more then second place, you more then know I don't ride back seat!! REAL TALK!!

The Corny Collins Show said...

"obviously the other girl LMAO,"

I know I know.
I just could not ever see you as that.
not your steeze.
not a good look.
bumper stickers on bentlelys are so 87.