Wednesday, March 04, 2009

one week down ,

So I officially made it threw my first week of Lent! UGH! It feels like it's been months. lol It's gotten a tab better but I still have my moments where I want to rob a candy store!! Oh punch the baby sitting next to me sucking on a lollipop.. haha So yes the hardest part for me has been the sugar, again I didn't realize how dependent I was! As far as the caffeine I had a madd headache for about 3 days straight! Now it's more that I just N E E D that pick me up, especially lately, I totally feel the difference of my body running without caffeine and I don't like it! I just feel like I'm dragging... & for the sex well, temptation, temptation, temptation BUT I remain closed legged haha I've just managed to keep myself out of those situations where I know I could get weak, I also mention the sacrifice so then the pressure is off! lol. it works! So all in all I'm still standing, barely but hey I got about 34 more days to go..god HELP me, literally! I realized that the one thing that helps take to edge off is sunflower seeds, I have a pack at my desk, that I complete took out yesterday, a pack in my car, in my purse in one next to my bed. YES IT'S that deep. lol. But it really does help and so does having a drink!! I'm going to end up going from a sugar addict to a seed popping alcoholic haha. No so much! To all my fellow bloggers and readers who gave up something or added something for Lent my hat goes off to you and I hope you are staying motivated and inspired to keep pushing, we are almost there...well closer at least lol Stay PoSiTiVe ♥ !!!

won't give in,

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Seth B. said...

I stopped by Trader Joe's on my lunch break today and they have those sundried pineapples we talked about with no added sugar! Go get em!