Monday, March 16, 2009

mixed messages ,

NO, is NOT code for TRY HARDER! ; I promise

Ahhh.. the art of the "persistent" pusher! One of my biggest pet peeves is when folks don't take NO for an answer,

"NO! you can't have my number"

therefore "NO! you can't call me"

"NO! I am not interested in hearing how "good" you think I look"

"NO! you can't take me out"

"NO! I don't want to know your name and where your from"

"NO! I don't have a man but that doesn't mean there is room for YOU!"

"NOOOOO!!! I don't want you dancing and/or grinding, freaking, whatever you want to call it all over on me!!!"

Gentlemen when a lady says NO (and I even say NO THANK YOU!) it does NOT mean come back in five minutes, not even an HOUR later and try again. When one fails please do not, try, try, try again! I can only speak for myself when I say this but just because I'm at club, lounge, bar DOES NOT MEAN I'm there to hook up with you or anyone else. I bust my ass all week long (sometimes even on the weekends) I go out to have a good time, enjoy myself, dance, drink, laugh, etc. Key words ENJOY MYSELF! If this includes talking you, you will know, otherwise don't mistake me being in there for you! I'm very polite (I can get rude and mean but only when pushed to it) I always say no, thank you but it's like sometimes dudes think your playing hard to get or something, really IT'S NOT THE CASE!

1. I'm not going to find my next in a night club

2. I enjoy drinking BUT hate, HATE when someone is all in my ear, breathing hot, liquor breath all down my neck! Not tight!

3. The music is loud what type of conversation are you really trying to have.

4. The fact that you have some other bird's ass juice all over the front of your shirt, don't help your cause!

5. It was your choice to buy me a drink, I don't owe you SHIT! :)

Now I have MANY MANY guy friends. Who will read this and say it's legit! AND that's exactly WHY those guys are my friends. Most of this shit I've learned from them hahaha. But I'm sure there are guys reading this thinking, "what a bitch" or that I'm full of myself or stuck up! Whatever! Truly I could careless, think what you want. But the truth of the matter is just like Pink said, "I'm not here for your entertainment...It's just you and your hand tonight" lmao!

That's all,

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J.Rae said...

A M EN !

Nick said...

Hahaha, made me laugh. lol. True though

Anonymous said...

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