Thursday, March 05, 2009

March Madness ,

It's already March... wow. I'm still stuck on January 1st. Where does the time go?! It's like you blink and you miss just about everything. Be lately I feel as though time is standing still, at least in my head. I'm a little foggy and can't seem to find motivation or inspiration anywhere, thus the LACK of bloggage! Bloggers seem to be posting the same thing over and over and OVER again! My Breakfast Club seem to be having the same brain fart as I cause they too have been slow on the post tip. I guess life is just happening and I'm waiting for something dope to hit me haha. I don't know, have I lost my blog mojo?!? I use to see something, have a convo, read some BS somewhere, hear a song, peep some art and have 1010 things to blog about. Now I'm just sitting on my hands seems like. Maybe me little break was a little to long lol. Thing are extremely well in my personal life, the best they have been in a long time!! Maybe that's why?! Just like Mary J's music shit don't sound as well when your happy and well.. heh, sad but true! So just for the sake of keeping up with Elle I'll give you a quick run down. March is a hella busy month for me between work (a lot of 7 days and 12 hours), family, birthdays, and being superwomen. AHHH yea no time left, plus we lose an hour. (Spring Forward) So I somehow have to make due. My favorite holiday, St. Patrick's day is this month, my god daughter turns 15, Farron's get fucked up birthday party, SPRING BREAK, court dates, Lent, board of trustees, Hall Draw, Cesar Chavez, and the beautiful struggle of balancing the two amazing people I've just been blessed with in my life. My WA trip has been pushed back and I'll end up in Vegas & AZ first. Exavier is becoming more and more of a little man everyday and watching him grow into his personality is beyond words. He talks so well and gives attitude just as well! He is definitely the highlight of my everyday!! Luckily the lack of time in March comes at a good time cause my sisters and I's favorite Saturday night hang out will be closed till April for remodeling, go figure. Things have come together and still continue to. This month I know although slow in mind will be over before I can say, "pass the cupcakes, lent is OVER" lol So that pretty much sums up what is my March Madness! I'll keep you updated as it unfolds.

Sorry for the rambling but I warned you I have no inspiration so, typical BS is what you get. lol I'm sure someone out there cares what LaLa is up to, ok maybe not but hey it makes me feel better to think so. lol.

looking for inspiration,

X said decisions are the worst!!!

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Mrs. Johnson said...

the choice is easy....GO BRUINS!

Seth B. said...

Man, it's like you're reading my mind. I've been so uninspired all week. I can't stand it.

But we'll be back soon enough. This isn't the first or second or even 12th time this has happened. It's just a cycle.