Monday, February 02, 2009


Here is the gorgeous and talented Jennifer Hudson singing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl game. Yes she did lip sing GET OVER IT, it wasn't her choice people producers wouldn't allow her to sing live! "too much on the line" is what they said. Either way this girl lost her mother, bother, and nephew not to long ago, this is officially her first public appearance! Lay Off!

J-Hud did a phenomenal job and she looks absolutely amazing.

Superbowl Sunday,
now normally I'm not the superbowl chick at all but I'm flexible! ;)
first REAL date in a REALLY long time
cupcake session.
stimulating conversation
eye contact
"it is what it is"
birthday plans
lemon aid
hats 7 5/8
fresh prince
inside jokes est
love jones
est 1984
"what I've being waiting for"

go down in history of the best damn superbowl of my life! M. Wood I see you. <3