Friday, February 06, 2009

Smile Friday // Go RED!

Happy Smile Friday
My smile is powered by National wear RED Day! Celebrate Your Heart Wear Something RED, National Wear Red Day. Food for thought; the #1 killer of women in America is heart disease! Let today be a reminder of your health and why it's important to love ourselves, take care of ourselves, what ever that entails! Be true to your body, treat it right, you only get ONE! Work out that heart and eat something good for once! Share your SMILES and RED with me and this rainy (for some snowy) Friday!! Enjoy your weekend, I will, I have lots planned and I'm so hyped, as I mentioned before I've re-learned how to LIVE for the weekends again, with much help and inspiration for my buddy Chris aka my wonderwall he truly is social to the 10th power. INSPIRE. So tomorrow is my new partner in crime's birthday, we have a lot of junk planned; ink, food, drink, shop, drink, party, scream, sessions x3, drink, etc etc So excited! Well fall in and cmmt me your pics and feedback, your whatevers. lol Also I want to also wish Ms. KAY a very happy birthday!!

H a v e H e a r t ♥

Dear KAY,
Happy Birthday mama! May you get all the love, happiness, and cupcakes your heart could ever hold and want!! Enjoy your day and give thanks that you've gotten another year to live, live it to the fullest! love ya girlie!


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Seth B. said...

First of all you look WAY too fly! Second, thanks for the love. I always appreciate it. Third, your weekend sounds like so much fun! I wish I could be along for the ride, but you know I got a lot going on right now. ;-)