Thursday, February 05, 2009

Matt vs. LaLa

L A K E R S !
this game had me going, I made it home by the 2nd and couldn't take my eyes off the tv and figures from texting, talking trash. hahaha... weather or not we were gonna win I couldn't let my Lakers down by Celtics lovers lol I was scream at the tv (yes I'm one of those) I couldn't believe all the stupid mistakes they were making. UGH! Even tho we WON it was a hell of a good game and close! We went into OT which was exciting and I've learned that's it's pretty cool being paired up with someone who like a different team then you, it's all that more fun, trash talking is the best lol. Now he is being a wennie cause he lost lmao!

bottom line:
you own me a movie son! hahaha (& Madea goes to jail it is!!!)

in your house we took that shit! lmao. GOOD GAME!
5-0 #1 standing!!!

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