Wednesday, February 04, 2009

the issue at hand // I hate it when

I lost about 3 followers? what's that about?

Anyway, I've been swaying back in forth today, trying to fight this melancholy monkey on my back. :/ don't quite know the exact reason for my re-act. I guess it's several different things weighing me down. But I know it's mostly the devil trying to keep my new uplifted spirit down. BOOOOO! Don't you hate that, feeling all kinds of good and then all of a sudden some real lame bull comes and steals your spirit!?! I'm fighting it tho trying to stay up best I know how. You know it just baffling to me that people exhaust the fact that I'm a good person, a giving (way to much) person, that likes to make people (who I love) feel special. It's extremely annoying that people toss the word "friend" in the air like it's part of the air supply, lmao, it's pathetic. You remember me when you need something? haha Of course you do, I'm I the only crazy who gives for her own hearts content? Bump that, I sick of being Ms. Nice, good "friend". UGH. Anyway I can't wait till next month, finally taking my ass out of CALI. Thank you LORD. You guys have no idea how much I NEED this trip, I'm going up to Seattle for almost a week, definitively taking a whole week off from work! Perfect time to reassess, evaluate, eliminate, and confirm a LOT of things and people in my life. I expect to come back refreshed and ready to make some major cut backs in my life. BEWARE! Well I've manged to stay up on taking my lunches at work *clapping for myself* yep a lot of people at work are surprised too, now that's just sad. lol But I'm at least following threw with something, even if it's just a little one. ____I'm my own worst judge I swear. Well this is just me venting, cutting loose, letting out stream, and trying to gather my thoughts and get to the bottom of what's pegging me so much...ahhh... Well I'm going to grab something to feed my hunger before the HULK comes out. Thanks for listening (reading). Have a better Wednesday. OH that reminds me, I hate when, _________ Wednesdays! hit me up let me know what you hate.

mine; I hate when dudes want their cake and eat it too...

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J.Rae said...

i hate when:
people don't use turn signals.
don't text back efficiently.
when i have a headache for days and it doesnt go away.
when people put their entire lives on facebook
when i don't get moving until 2 in the afternoon.

whew i feel much better now lol

YOU LOVELEE. said...

dont worry, i lost like 3 or 4 also.

Kay said...

ughhh all dudes want their cake, & wanna eat... specially wanna eat something that is not theirs...

anyway have fun in cali ;]

& thanks for the bday wishess

Mrs. Johnson said...

hi LaLa-we all get down at times. keep ya head up! change of environment is always good...smell some new air! oh-and try being "Ms. Mean" and "bad friend"'s actually quite nice at times! ;)