Thursday, February 05, 2009

I like her, but I love you
She's fly, but she can't fly over you
Your love is like a brand new Bentley Coupe
Her love is like a Benz that's been used
And you just can't compare the two
The road to happiness leads back to you
Now since we been apart I done tried a few
Nobody's coming close to you

She don't make me feel like you
She don't hold me down like you
On the real she ain't you...

-Jaheim via She Ain't You

Flippin threw my 100s of cds I came across The Makings of a Man, damn I had forgotten all about this cd, popped it in, feelin it all over again...and then DAMN, I remember why I put this cd away in the first place. The cd bought up so much shit that I've been fighting to forget or at least store in a place that don't interfere with my everyday. smh. The things we do, for love, that's all I can say.

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