Friday, February 06, 2009

how many cigarettes will it take....

Q-Tip Performs “We Fight/ We Love” on Ellen

This is my favorite song off the album but the entire album is amazing, if your one of those losers who hasn't heard, bought, burned, downloaded this cd, you really need too!

Concert Goal #3 - Q-Tip

"She held him down, she made him better
Fought the love, through the fucked up weather
And she thinkin about her life
With no more work just being a wife
But instead her love, she gave it to a man
Who fought against her lovely plans
So when she go to work, plus go to school
Plus fight the love, she must feel like a fool
She want the ease that come after pain
She fights for love, thats her campaign
We fight, we love"

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Anonymous said...

Lord, I love me some Q-Tip! The Renaissance is one of my all-time fave albums. I'd have to say "You" is my fave track though.
Thx for posting - I hadn't seen this. Have a great w/end!

kia.poison. said...
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JK said...

aww qtip!!! i just saw them tuesday, my boy is his manager :) LOL ok so we just started our blog, we r two ladies in the music industry in LA blogging bout events and the artists/djs we work with while keeping you in the hip hop loop check us out! -karina :) ur new buddy lol