Monday, February 02, 2009

food for thought

Now normally people who know me know that I usually don't ever take a lunch (don't ask why cause I dont even know) well most of the time I get so busy or wrapped up in a project that time just gets away from me. I usually only remove myself from my desk if I'm going out to eat with one or all of my girls here at work, which lately has been far and few in between, it's just a real busy time for us. Anyway I've made the decision to make a conscious effort to get up and stay away. lol I need to leave my work and just get that hour and do me! Truth is I've spent way to much of my time doing things and living for other people who don't even take notice nor appreciate me or my time. I've let my happiness and health take a back seat...AND I'm not doing it anymore. POINT BLANK! Day 1: I left my desk for lunch, indeed it was late lol but I still did it, took a pair of shoes to the shoes repair, picked up a hummus, avocado on wheat sandwich from Claremont Juice Co., and stopped at this antique jewelery shop called UNIQUE, where I bought these fabulous ears, that so remind me of Monica. They are little wooden craved Buddha faces, they are gorgeous. The picture below does them no real justice. Anyhow if you see me rockin them DON'T TOUCH! I would hate for you to mess up my FENG SHUI! The lady who sold these to me really gave me tons of food for thought, she schooled me, gave me hella good vibes, and revived my spirit and energy. Positive goes a long way and it only reassures what I posted once before, Whoever you are with, whoever you are talking to, where ever it may be: Make them feel like the most important person in the world. Your presents and energy goes a long way.
So to say the least I had an excellent lunch and break from work, I felt re-fluid and hints more insightful. This stop at the UNIQUE just validated my recent pursuit of totally body, mental, heart, and soul PEACE. Which I will write more about later. When I came back from lunch I was blessed with a very unexpected gift from my JuJu. The most thoughtful thing ever! And yet enhanced my smile that much more! God is telling me, I already have everything I need. We tend to always want more and that's okay but we should really embrace that God has ALREADY blessed us with, people, life, health, material things...etc.ect. I have some amazing people in my life and I need to remember that next time I ask for more. When time is willing and God feels I'm ready I know it will happen. Till then I'm grateful for all I have now!!

Gifts From JUJU keeping my hustle forever soft <3

ps.The groundhog seen his shadow
Punxsutawney Phil predicted six more weeks of winter!!!

some say BAD I say, I LOVE WINTER, bring it on!!

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