Wednesday, January 14, 2009

with love & support,

"She is mos def a part of my blog ketchup and I love looking at her adorable son. He is always steezed out to the max. She keeps it real, keeps you updated, and I have no idea how she picks the quotes I always love. If you haven’t been to her blog, you should go… NOW. haha, but really though. Thanks girl for all your love & support."

"FORGIVE ME LAWWWWD ...HOW could i forget. So i was reading my blogs....and i read the sweetest thing. well really it wasnt that big of a deal but i like when folk are GRATEFUL so i shall return the love . go read this blog .

she's muy interesante and im not just saying that. and her layout is top notch. i stare at it every time i read a post lol"

"well.. i just wanna put it out there that i came across one of Lala's posts. it made me feel all tingly inside. looked something like this:" -Mendoza Santos

"Special thanks to the sweet lady of Simplest form of an Elle for showing some love!" -Mizsoul

I have the best readers ever! Thank you all for you never ending love and support for me and my bloggage. Keep coming with the feedback and reads. It's all greatly appropriated!

& my grateful for my 8 new followers <3

thank you for becoming a faithful reader and I haven't read you I will real soon! I have checked a lot of you out already and I must say your blog are UH-mazing!

THE 7TH SON, THE 7TH SIGN, THE 7TH SEAL this is my favorite cousins blog, he's amazing and so is his blog and not just we're blood, lol, check it out.

INSOMNIAC LOLITA excellent reads.

Breakfast at Hillary's.. Lacroix that is Well breakfast never looked or tasted so good, this blog is most def a must read & follow, up on everything fashion. very lovely.

SincereLee, Tierra loving the fashion know hows, deals, and looks! Very good pictures!!

pastry heart. my current BLOG crush this blog is UH-mazing! I love every inch of it's pastry-ness; layout, post, attitude, waves, & control! most def peep & fall in with a follow!! It basically you one blog stop!

Silverback Conversations

The Unthinkable Era tee best food for thought!! Read and get knowledge dropped, one of my favs.

Fáshiusikö this is one hott fashion blog (Active Peep it) it was love at first shop, no guilt!

Again, I have tee best readers!! Thanks again you all, your my INSPIRATION!!

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mizsoul said...

You are very welcome ma!
When you show love, you receives love :)

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Charlie Pierce said...

welcome hun. Love your blog also.