Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Re-Blog don't heal a broken heart....

So as many of you may know I took my BFF (Monica) to the airport this morning, to fly back home to VA. siigh. This had to be one of the hardest things ever, besides helping her finish packing and giving away all her stuff last night, but at least last night I was consumed with champagne, lots of champagne!! I think I got home around 11:30ish last night only to wake up at 3:30 pick up her and drop her off at the airport. Staci, JuJu, LaKisha, and myself all escorted her to the airport and cried are eyes out when we had to say goodbye. The guy checking in her bags gave me some tissue and said don't cry baby it's gonna be alright. So sweet but didn't help. Neither did the you look cute when you cry comment. Cried all the way home, got into bed and cried myself back to sleep..

"I'm use to dudes leaving and breaking my heart, but never a female, never my best friend..."

This was harder then I thought it would be, Monica has become my other half and I don't believe I have been open, up front, honest, real, TRUSTFUL, with anyone ever. Not having her around, in the office next door, or 20 min car drive away is fucking mind blowing.... but I know this is a part of life and a test of friendship.

So I stood home from work today, to work threw these emotions and also I have a huge migraine. Plus I just wasn't ready to see some other breeze in her office. UGH!!!

Well I have a lot of blog ketchup to do anyhow and I figured it will be mind and time consuming to focus my energy and sadness on something else, besides crying and feeling sorry for myself. heh. So expect a huge flow of blogs coming threw.

OH! & thank you for all your love and support!

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Dex said...

:( dont stress mama.... i dont wanna tell u things u already know so..
don't beat ur self up..
and don't make work a burden..