Tuesday, January 27, 2009

patients is a virtue

NO! I didn't block you!
NO! I didn't close my blog!
NO! I didn't delete my blog!
NO! etc etc etc....

Dear Lovely Reader of Simplestformofanelle,

I temporarily closed my blog to work on my layout and vision for my blog, that's it! lol But I do appreciate the emails, text messages, and twitters inquiring of mine and my blogs where abouts. Made me feel really good that people (friends and blog geniuses) enjoy reading my blog and don't want me to go away. lol. And I don't plan on it. I just really wanted to get this idea that has been in my head OUT. I was up till 1am working on it got up came to work and spent some good time in the am and then my lunch tweaking and configuring my minds vision of what Simply elle needs. I think I finally got it the way I want it and I think I will remain this way for a good minute. After reviewing what a lot of you had to say about the past layout and prior layouts, I made some adjustments, and for once include *MYSELF* into this one. After much thought I realized that, this is my blog, my thoughts, feeling, humor, stress, life, etc etc... so why am I so lacking in it. Make sense? Anyhow I really love how it came out and how my mind's idea came to life via blogger! Working on this layout for about 2 weeks, took my wayyyyy behind in my actually posting, so stay tune for mad updates and post!! I owe you guys! Otherwise things are so good right now and I can't remember the last time I felt this happy... and meant it. heh. I hope you all are feeling the same!!

Well I hope this new layout was worth the wait, let me know what you think, ANY feedback is good feedback!

see you soon and as ALWAYS thanks for reading and following me, faithfully.

PS. I'm back to black....

what you think.....

2 love notes:

Curtiss King said...

Yeeeah, shes back like she left something. lol


and the set-up gets 4 tumbs up!
(fingers & toes)
the top banner looks fab!