Tuesday, January 13, 2009

on the upside,

after talking with some really good and wise friends, I've gotten some really good energy and started to feel a lot better...

don't cry too much momma... we still have each other. she's going to be happy, that's what i have to keep reminding myself. happiness is everything. -juju

....True, it's not the same as it used to be. I literally saw them every single day of my college life. But the friendships are still just as meaningful. And even though the conversation may not be in person, the talks can be just as comforting. Trust. She's your girl and she's always been there for you. That won't change because there's a few miles between you now. AND YES, it just gives you another place to visit. -chris (active)

& the icing on the cupcake, Moni called me, she's home.
We cried, chatted, laughed and came to many conclusions, one being that no matter what, we have eachother!

Bottom line,
I'm I going to miss her? with all my heart.
Is she gone? -just from Claremont and Scripps but not from our friendship and heart!!

2 love notes:

Dex said...

I'm happy for u...
glad ur friendship is still there..
glad ur not beating urself up

insomniaclolita said...

i so can totally relate to this, my best friends move abroad for school and work..I usually spend every afternoon and most weekends with them, missing every part of it very much but I have to hang on..

so do you, glad you've been able to accept it :)