Wednesday, January 21, 2009

the love of

One of my work-study students took of leave this semester, I was really sad when she told me she needed to take a leave but I understood at the same time. She is an amazing young lady, very talented and smart. While she works in my office I learned that she has an AMAZING voice and went on to learn that she also play the guitar. So without further due I give you, Alex Tayara

Follow Through - Gavin DeGraw
She knew that this is one of my ALL time FAVORITE songs, what a love she actually sent this to me on facebook, a different version, with our added humor, which I can grantee none of you would understand, lol. But if we are friend on the book check out that video too. She's amazing. My office life is lacking without her.

...yep Monica (bff) left me and so did Alex lol ... as the world turns. lmao.

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