Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"it's called work for a reason.." LMAO

so apparently, I'm running on empty, over baked, and half passed dead.

work day 10 in a row - no break, day off, half day, nada, 10, 11, 12hour days.
what happen to 9-5? 5days a week?
I'm beyond exhausted ya'll. :\
**PLUS Exavier is SICK and threw-up all over my damn car last night on the way home from daycare...


7 love notes:

La La said...

keep on pushiinnnnn :D
I know exactly how you feel, I'm half alive myself

Nick said...

Wake up!!!!! lol

Mendoza Santos said...

how the hell can you do 10 days in a row?..
im gonna stop complaining about work from now on cuz giiirl.. that shit is ridiculous!!!!


BUT! you look so precious when you're "sleeping" :p

She W0rd Hustlez said...

OH girl hang in there!!!! You will more than deserve your rest when u finally get it lol

mizsoul said...

Work that much it´s no good ma! So in what do you work? I´m interested :)

Charlie Pierce said...

AWW poor baby!

Girl take break, take a day out for yourself at the spa, that always gets me rejuvenated.

Dex said...

lol aww... hey look on the bright side...
u do look good when u sleep!