Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I hate it When...Wednesday.

Every Wednesday my sisters and I go back and forth as we get ready for work with, "I hate it when..." statements. I hate it when Wednesday comes from the Big Boy in the morning radio show on Power. Which I listen to driving to work and flip back and forth from Big Boy to Ryan Seacrest (Ryan's Roses Wednesday). Anyway I thought it was a dapper idea to include I hate it when, Wednesday's to my blog. It's a great way to vent, laugh, and celebrate that we only have two more days left till the weekend!! So JOIN IN, comment this post with your "I hate when..."

Meaning, tell me (us) *readers of simply elle* what is something you hate, simply finish the statement, "I Hate it when...." Gor it? Good! Now let's hear it (read it)

I'll share a couple that was tossed around my house hold this morning;

"I hate it when I spend half an hour doing my hair and then realize it's freezing outside and my hair instantly frizzes up!!" -JuJu

"I hate it when someone else's bad mood ruins your entire day." -Sadira

"I hate it when people don't use there damn signals!!" -lala

"I hate it when old guys hit on me.." -Gloria

"I hate it when only married men hit on me!!" -lala

"I hate it when boys can't take no for an answer and keep bugging and bugging you.." -Maria

"I hate it when you get a text at 5am and it says, "why are you ignoring me".." -Sadira

"I hate it when you text the wrong person accidently..haha" -lala

"I hate it when I want to kick my sisters asses and I can't" -Gloria

BTW my final I hate it when for this Wednesday is...
I hate it when your trying to be "good" and you walk into your office and find this on your desk... that's just NOT right!! grrr..

lmao. What a great I hate it when Wednesday morning! FEEDBACK!

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La La said...

I hate when people on Mondays say "I CANT WAIT TILL FRIDAY" I'm like what the fuck can you atleast wait till wenesday to say that lol