Friday, January 02, 2009


I’ve noticed that people who I used to talk to all the time or see all the time I don’t. And it will be four,five months and I might randomly go on their Facebook and I see why they have been anti-social douches. Because they are now in relationships. Or that is what their Facebook says. I don’t get why people say fuck all their friends when they enter relationships. I’m not bitter or jealous but it perplexes me.


pfft yeah, that shit is pathetic…I can’t even count how many friends I’ve had that just “forget” about people when they have a boyfriend/girlfriend…or how they all of a sudden “change” but you know what…I don’t stress it because eventually they always come running back…ALWAYS! people just need to learn how to divide time and not “fake the funk” because they have someone…your real friends understand that you want to spend time with your significant other but your significant other needs to understand that it’s not always about them…you did have a life prior to the relationship…and vise versa…the bonus would be if everyone got along so that at times everyone can just hang out…

I couldn't agree more. In all honest 8/10ths of the people who call themselves "friend" have, done, or are doing this currently. To me it's pathetic! I mean is it really impossible to have "FRIENDS" and a gf or bf at the same time?!? I reasoning is exactly WHY, that relationship will NOT work and WHY like Sole said they come running back because of the fact that you are making this person (bf/gf) out to be your entire world, totally losing yourself, your life, and everything in it. A man or women should be an accessory, not the whole outfit. A man or women should complement what you already have, not take away from or try to over power it. I think if you allow this to happen or if you have let this happen before your weak minded and feel like you need and women or man to complete you, when in fact honey your ALREADY WHOLE!! BF/GF, shit they come and they go, some may stay a little longer but in the end all you have to fall back on is your crew and your fam, don't be that dumb to push them aside for a dude or a chick that most likely wont be around for another year. When you have a KEEPER, you'll know because he'll want you and EVERYONE you come with.
When I read this I was like damn I know that feeling all to well, I've done so much for people (ya'll know who you are) and as soon as they get a girl or some good dick in their life they totally forget all about that ish. haha. Makes you think if they are even really worth keeping in your cell. pffft.

Simple enough, that's my beef.

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