Sunday, January 11, 2009

finding balance

After endearing one of the worst weeks ever I decided to take Friday off and have some greatly need downtime with; me, myself, and I. To detach and reconnect. After spending the morning in deep meditation, made a lunch date with my girls. (Yes back to work haha I can't bare being away from them heh) A few good hours spent in laughter, good conversation, planning, and shit talking. I have been blessed with some of the "riches" girls on the face of the earth, I'm so lucky. From there took care of some minor business and run home to get ready to celebrate my cousin's 21st birthday. Myself, my two male cousins and their wifeys. We headed to Universal city walk to party it up, so we thought. haha. I could write at least 20 different blogs about this night, just not tonight. haha. Now ONE being with my cousins, damn, just bought up so many story, memories, and good times. Plus, "being with your TWO favorite cousins, you can never feel lonely", man my family is amazing. Drinks and Dinner at hardrock, where we met McLoven, no bullshit. haha. Who would of thought, I would complete McLoven?!? Trying to get into a club at citywalk with "thugs" is no joke, lmao After paying to get into a club that free haha (boys had to buy collar shirt, from hardrock lmao)Once we were in it was all good and had the time of our life. Good times and 4am home arrival. Next day headed back down to LA back my aunts house to pick up my cousin and his girl. Spent the day at Downtown Disney, dinner at MiMi's, 12am home arrival. At this point I'm half pass dead. --Maybe I should of eased myself slowly back into the weekend mix rather then jumping head first -- Non the less it was a hell of a great time and we've made a pack to do this more often. Family is just what I needed. Today is Monica day and a group of us are going to live it up before Moni leaves on Tuesday. I can't believe it's already that time... I don't even know how I'm going to act at the airport on Tuesday, my best friend is leaving me :( ---

Well I have some great photos and I'll post them later, I'm hella lazy and I have to go get ready to met up with my girls. Before I do tho,

part of my 09 goals was to do me, make me happy. Well I trying to figure that out, how to do it, and what does it. Trying to find that balance.

I'm on my way.

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