Saturday, January 03, 2009


thank you lovely ladies; 4 new readers.

this so made my day!

KAR11NA – Live, Laugh, Listen, Learn, Labor, Love, Life.
great reads!! great pass times!! great blog!!

truly enjoyable blog, entertaining reads and fun point of views. fall in!

SARAH NOELLE. – Sarah Noelle: Her Lifestyle
MY BLOG OF THE MOMENT! I love this blog, great reads, fresh ideas, hot topics, and most enjoyable!

Kay – *PurpleLipStiick;
This girl is amazing and her blog it too. She tells it like it is and her blog is straight original and fresh, a must read and follow!

As always I appreciate EVERY single person that follows me and/or just drops by and reads. I love blogging and I love putting it out there for you and other to feedback at me. So keep it up and keep it real weather you agree with me or not just keep letting me know your point of view!! comment and message I enjoy it the most!

Also I appreciate all the feedback on my graphics, layouts and design. I work hard on them so if you want to use something on your blog just please ask and give credit where credit is due. I came across some blogs last night that were using some on my graphics that I did label with my address, please people just don't take ish without proper credit. I'm all about sharing and re-blogs just don't make it look like you came up with it. Other then that keep on doing what your doing. Much LOVE!

3 love notes:

KAR11NA said...

Thanks for the shoutout! You are a doll.

You're appreciated.


Kay said...

awwwww thanks for the nice cmmnts about my blog girl ;)

&& yeah ur graphics are hottt, if i had photoshop i`d do my own ;(

Mendoza Santos said...

:) i love your blog!!!
i have a crush on you already!!