Friday, January 23, 2009

baby mail,

Jill Scott is having a baby!! Her first and it's a surprise to her since she was told she couldn't Conceive! I know all about that! My GYN for 3 and half years told me, my chances of having a child were slim to none, that most likely I would never conceive. Boy oh boy, was he wrong. lmao. I remember thinking after taking a 4th pregnancy test, "but I can't get pregnant". haha Like I always say, you and your Doctor may think one way but reality is God has his own plans, best believe that! I know Jill most be thrilled, I love her and her music, she is so beautiful. She did an exclusive interview with ESSENCE sharing all the details and plans of her mom to be life style change and how her and fiancé Lil Jon Roberts are thrilled at becoming parents. Their son is due mid-April. Mother hood and the suprising gift of it, it's a beautiful thing! Congratulations Jill! via ESSENCE

“A lot of things are on my mind. As a woman, I hear better, I smell better, my taste buds are different and I feel so much more like a sexual being than I ever have.” -Jill Scott

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awwww that's such a sweet story!!!

congrats to LALA BOO aaand Jill Scott on their blessings:D