Sunday, January 04, 2009


as the mood wines down and the heat becomes a chill, I start to feel ill.
as the moistness begins to dry and my eyes, they start to cry.
as the night turns to day and the moon begins to fade, so do you.
as my mind starts to sober and you're hand falls from my shoulder
I know what's about to happen, in it's exact order...
where was my self restraint, my angel saying no, no, no...
my mind, telling me the whole time, don't waste your time
but my heart, my body couldn't and wouldn't listen
it doesn't matter how good it feels because it's only for a moment
no matter how much you postpone it, you'll never ever own it, so fold it
it's to late now, you should of got in that car
one less unwanted mess
no warm body to crest
soft lips to kiss
hand to hold
just another heavy load
"only five minutes"
took all you had left...

--people treat you, the way you allow them to treat you...

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