Friday, January 02, 2009

1st post of 2009,

Good Morning & Happy 2009
Can you believe a girl is stuck at work today... lol
yes it's true I had to roll my ass out of bed this morning while my sisters were still sleep and take my son to daycare and my self to work. heh. & I work all damn day, not even a half day. Go figure!
Well before I hustle I figure I lay down a couple of post first. Since I'm home alone anyway lol.

After reading some blogs this morning, I turned to mine and realized I had 3 new readers YAY!

What a fabulous way to get my year started, thanks ladies I really do love to see others enjoying my post! :)
She W0rd Hustlez of
Little Miss Nobody of
LaaLaa of
3 wonderful and most enjoying blog, peep and follow folks, I myself follow each of these ladies as well! Fall In!!
& ps; Cornbread I found LaaLaa first lol
Anyhow truly thanks to everyone who reads my post even if you don't follow it mean a great deal that folks enjoy my reads & inspire from my two pennies. :D

On a side note; I'm only on ONE cup of coffee thus far, I'm gonna do it..
(if you don't know it's 9am I'm usually on my 3rd cup by now..)

I'm close this post with some Celeb 2009 resolutions that caught my eye.

"I would like to stop worrying so much because I worry all the time. And to learn how to be happier, just in general. And to stop biting my nails!"
I heard this one a lot.. just be happy! Good for her, I hope this is a way better year for this girl. So far so good, no new years, no panties shots. haha.

"To give up meat."
The best damn resolution any and EVERYONE should make!! I love you even more Eva

"I'm looking for the right woman. I need a magnifying glass! I'm trying to find that rare jewel."
JAMIE!!! I'm OVER HERE!!!!!!!!!

"My resolution is to be as nice as possible to the press."
Now that's just funny lmao


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Little Miss Nobody said...

Free Publicity! I love it! LOL! Thanks hun. Your blog is awesome too!