Monday, December 08, 2008

weekend spread

Friday; i'm in love
After the worst day EVER at work
Got home
Cupcake pj’s on, heels off
Ready to blog my night away
---text interruption
---sister intervention

10pm getting ready to GO OUT (this hasn’t happen in years)
GPS input, compton, ca
710 detour (an f’in nightmare)
12:10 arrival ( you got to be kidding me)
A bad day topped off with a worst night… thank god it’s officially Saturday.
Cell battery DEAD
Ocean 13
World’s funniest videos moment
Good mornings
101 on the freeway
Slight nap (while driving) :\
Home arrival 5:15am.

Staurday; wait
AM pancake craving, had cold cereal instead
--sore as all hell
Morning texting
Christmas prep
Reality tv caught-up
Christmas tree shopping
Exavier leaves with Nena CeCe
Interesting text convo
9:45 CRASHhhhh

On a sad note this was truly the saddest thing I ever saw.....
where is your pride Oscar...damn those of you who don't know me very well I use to be a DIE hard de la hoya fan in Jr High, I was freaken obbessed with the man. haha. anyhow this was a disgrace, I guess money is all that matters...

Sunday; always comes too late
Breakfast in bed
Clean house
Tyler Perry Movie Fest
---still sore as hell
Tree trimming
Monica debriefing
Ice cream, more Tyler Perry
Sappy text messages
Popcorn shrimp dinner
Hallmark movie finish

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