Thursday, December 11, 2008

something about Jen

Jennifer Aniston takes the cover of GQ, nude. She looks amazing, come on now, how could you not love this woman?
After all the crap this women has dealt with, she is still shinning. Great example of how fast we can and will bounce back when need be. I can see what Brad she's in Angie but Jen is just REAL, a real women, simply and cute. I'm glad she graced the cover of GQ, "look at what you could of have..." cause you know he IS looking haha.

as for the inside, a rather sassy interview, where she addresses rumours about John Mayer.

"I am not having his baby. And I have not popped the question,"

& my favorite part is when she's women enough to make good fun of her recent swipe at Angelina Jolie "The funny thing is, people don't realize we all go away to The Hamptons on the weekends. That'd be hysterical: I've got Zahara on my hip, and Knox... "

There some rumor starting fun. haha.

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