Friday, December 19, 2008

a mike, pick me up,

Dear Thursday,

why can't everyday be just like this, a moment where kisses go beyond our flesh. When wondering hands touch more then just my thigh and conversation go pass hi. Oh Thursday night where have you been, you finally found something worth my time and I’m not caring where we spend it. So Thursday you have finally came threw and I don't want you to end but last time I checked Friday was upon us and I'm already starting to see the sun. Oh Thursday please don't make me wait, why can't we stay here, lost in the date.

love, l.

Australia, Cupcakin, Black vs White, History, Punctuation & Patients.

So I seen the movie Australia starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman I wasn't expecting to like the movie but in the end I was surprisingly satisfied with the film. Although it was madd long I believe 15 mins short of 3 hours long. The film was all together, passionate, romantic, suspenseful, sad, and over all a good flick. I would wait for dvd, not a theater must see but definitely worth a rental. I totally fell in love with Nullah, omg so freaken adorable!

I sing you to me....

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