Tuesday, December 09, 2008

day without a gay

Tomorrow, Dec. 10, has been deemed the Day Without A Gay. Besides rhyming, the movement is another protest of Proposition 8. But this time instead of marching down the middle of the street with fantastic signs and booming chants, we are all encouraged to call in sick to work and donate our time to a worthy cause Wednesday.

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CALL IN GAY? BUT I'M NOT GAY, I'M ___! (Great! "Gay" just rhymes with "day." CLICK HERE for more.)

my thoughts; I think it's great, sort of like a day without a Mexican. Although I won’t lie I've been back in forth with this one and it seems like people do not really understand the W H O L E picture of the prop thing... It would be nice if people READ did some RESEARCH and knew some facts before doing any acts. sigh. I'm torn, I think everyone should be able to do whatever then want, no questions ask, THUS, THE FREEDOM OF THE USA heh , I guess so much for that, none the less I'm all about rights, freedom, liberty, and equality.


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