Friday, December 26, 2008

Dana Taking Over the World

Dana La Rock that is...
If you don't know this face or the name, what rock have you been living under?? This girl is taking over the net and the world with her music, fresh style, dope bloggage, and her madd wit. If you haven't made knowledge of her, now is the time and place. Not only is her music banging but her blog is a must read and most enjoyable. She's hella funny but most importantly she tells ish like it is, no sugar needed. & I love it the most. I 1st fell in peeping her myspace threw Cornbread, been a crackhead ever since. Download her latest GoldBOOMS, SilverBANGS, "The Fun Tape" and get some major eargasms. Please believe me.
Peep her music, mypace, blog, and stalk her on twitter. Fall in boys and girls, fall in.

be a witness to the la rock take over making addicts out of all of us...

The Know-How

Dana Là Rock! is a refreshing New Artist with laser-guns gauged on both Music and Street Fashion. Taking casual creativity for a joyride, she merges together electro booms and 90's pop-rap tidal waves, creating new blends and sounds altogether. With vocal tones reminiscent of M.I.A. and Pharrell Williams, Dana adds in club baps like highly influential artist Kid Sister. By way of Orange County, California, Dana Là Rock takes pride in delivering a colorful experience, originality and creativity as an individual and artist.

Recent Project;;GoldBOOMS, SilverBANGS: "The Fun Tape"

L I S T E N & D O W N L O A D

contact & enjoy; make your life complete;;
AIM: danalarock

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