Thursday, December 25, 2008

24-7 gratefulness

As Christmas winds down, folks take down tress, red ribbons, Santa and all his reindeer. They put the Christmas tunes back in the box and pack away the lights until the next Holiday season. Christmas has just about came and went and while all the children play with all their new toys, teens sport new clothes, wives floss some new bling, husbands finding a spot for their new HD screen.
Before you sync your new IPOD before you try out your new bike please take a minute to remember that life is about giving not receiving. Please remember to be grateful for what you have and who you have. There is so many people in this world less fortune then you and I so please before you break in your new Tims, install your GPS make sure you remember what the Holiday was all about. We should be good to each other ALL the time not just once a year at Christmas. Live to appreciate and pass on several thank yous and less I want. As the green and red begins to fad and all the snowmen melt kept in mind, just because the present is unwrapped, don’t forget to be grateful!

Merry merry Christmas,

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