Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thursday a Bust

So this illness is still lingering around and just increasingly getting worst. After taking a couple of days off and “trying” to return to work on Thursday, in order to get payroll done, I found the following get wells on my desk;

Someone cares……..

I was so glad to find my cupcake package had come in, these tasty clay treats really did lift my spirits some. Thanks Cupcake hustler!!!

After about two hours in my body called it quits and so did my mental, so I drove myself to urgent care, where I spent the reminder of the day, being poked, hooked up on IV, doing breathing treatments, and x-rayed. Okay so I waited way to long to go to doctors and take care of this but what can I say, I never have the time. Well end result, I have fluid in my lungs causing; shallow breathing, high blood pressure and a racing heart beat. Which in turn explains the extreme dizzy spells, horrible cough, and excessive fevers. A recipe for disaster as my doctor put it. Heh. I guess she’s right when she says that I should stop worrying about everyone else and worry more about my health and myself. It’s clear no one else is going to!! The result was BED REST (ie; no work, no play, no nothing, just R&R), 3 different antibiotics, 2 7 day, one 10 day treatments, disgusting cough liquid, and nothing but water.

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