Thursday, November 27, 2008

thanksgiving rundown

So I hope everyone out there had a blessed thanksgiving, hopefully didn't eat yourself into a coma. heh.

I kicked of my Thanksgiving with of course praise and worship, thanking the lord for being so good to me. Reminding myself that threw him all things are possible!

Followed up with blogging and blog surfing.

Next, time to CLEAN house. I spent most of all my afternoon cleaning, cleaning, and cleaning some more. I have a madd back ache because of it now. It was worth it my room looks amazing. Now just to wash laundry tomorrow!! Blah!

Well I’m sure some of you may already know about my phone. For those who don’t…. Yesterday leaving my girlfriends house I got caught in the POURING rain, my blackberry got a little rain and went bonkers and completely died. Siiiigh Blackberry Pearl RIP. UGH! I was planning on buying a new phone anyhow but um I planned on KEEP all my stuff on my phone, so much for that. I lost everything, including all contact. So if you haven’t already text me with you name please do so, got to build up my address book.
So a lot of my afternoon included trying to figure out who it hech was texting me happy thanksgiving, lol it was really frustrating.

I then turned my attention to getting Exavier and myself ready and cleaned up.
While making phone calls to my girls, planning are shopping plans for tomorrow and Saturday.

Next on the list was dinner.
BUT not before going around and telling what we are grateful for;
Lala – “ I am grateful for the lord giving me the strength and means to take care of my son, as a single parent everyday, for giving me the energy and brains to hustle as hard as I do. I’m thankful for Sadira for always supporting, encouraging, and loving me. I grateful to have all my sisters, who are always there to support and help me. I’m thankful that I still have my father, alive and well. I’m grateful for my ‘6’ other kids who bring me so much joy and happiness; they are part of the reason I get up every morning, (my niece and 5 little cousins). I’m thankful that I have such a loving, caring, and supportive best friend. I’m also blessed to have come into the best circle of friends anyone could hope for, an amazing group of women that I adore, respect, admire, and love to death. They are partly the reason I am able to function as superwoman they keep me going. (the Scripps crew). I’m thankful to celebrate my 1st year, Dec 10th, at Scripps. Also my year anniversary of being a vegetarian this past August and as always, for health, sanity, freedom, and for my beautiful President, Barack Obama!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then time to grub.

Menu; cheese potatoes, mac & cheese, green beans, corn, green salad, and cranberries.
Dessert; cheese cake and a bit of pineapple upside down cake.

Followed up with watching Changeling.

Which I have to say was an AMAZING film. I love it. I have to say that this is some of Angelina Jolie BEST acting. I thought she was terrific. If you haven’t seen this film, you really need to. It definitely had my attention the entire time.

Following the movie, I myspaced some, and now continuing the rest of the evening blogging and texting.

A thank you to Ariana for following me.
Welcome and Thanks for reading.


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