Thursday, November 27, 2008

she just like Y O U .

...a year and 3 months later, "I GET IT!!!".
The victory of understanding, she's JUST like you and after 12 years that only makes sense, you two DESERVE each other.

"Cause she's been by the house
She's been in the car
I've even let her push the Porsche around a couple times...."

mind blowing, you admitted e v e r y t h i n g and ya'll remain the same,
maybe because, "You're just like her and she's just like you".

"Cause you ain't the only one that keeping secrets baby
So really, no sense in me playing "bye"
And I, can't stay up though
Cause I did you wrong
And I was on some kush
When I let that ***** up in our home"

REALLY??!!? ahh. it cut me deep but I know those are the words that you uttered to stay the same. You two play it safe to remain in your game, playing on each other and always coming back. Well damn it for me getting caught up and evolved. Nah baby your home was already ***** up! Your right ya'll both insane!

"Just for the record
No, I wouldn't have her unless I could have the two of you"

& I already knew you had some cake but you wanted some pie on the side too, but I couldn't stay down, with you, with her, with me, then her. It just isn’t right I can't be with you when you’re with her at the same time. She may be just like you but I'm just like ME. I played '2' for way to long but I never understood till I heard this song, "She just like me..."

this joint is just for B & Ms. J
and forever it will remain the same, she's just like you.

you deserve her and she deserves you.

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