Tuesday, November 25, 2008

morning view/morning tunes.

This morning I woke up feeling better then yesterday. Things are moving along quite well, in regards to my health. Almost done with these antibiotics and I go back for a quick check up tomorrow with Exavier who is getting his two year old shots. :o

Anyhow it looks like rain and I’m madd excited about it. [rain boots in position]

As much as I hate driving, it actually brings much stress reduction, and allows my mind to be at ease while I sing my heart out.

Well this morning thought; “I found heaven on earth”

Rear mirror view

song playing; Beyonce Knowles Ave Maria

"She was lost in so many different ways
Out in the darkness with no guide
I know the cost of a losing hand
There but for the grace of God, oh I"

I've said before that my son saved my life, most people don't understand that or how that's possible. It's simply really; god has blessed me October 30, 2006, with the one thing that would make me change my life forever, for good. I truly was in the wrong lane going 100MPH. If it wasn’t for the air I breathe, Exavier Alexander Avila, I don’t know where I would be or even if I would be here.

"I found heaven on earth
You were my last, my first
And then I hear this voice inside
Ave Maria"

No one really knows true, real, unconditional love until they have a child. Looking at my son for the first time I thought, “how is it possible to love someone so much, that you just met”, my life began that day.

"I've been alone
When I'm surrounded by friends
How could the silence be so loud
But I still go home knowing that I've got you
There's only us white light go down

It wasn't till I held my son in the hospital after 16 hours of birth that I felt complete, whole, and fulfilled. I knew this had to be my destiny. I swear I never felt my heart beat or my soul sing until I kissed his cheeks. I knew from that day that no matter what went down, it would always be me and my boy. My type of Bonnie and Clyde. No matter how the day treats me or who’s planning plots against me, no matter who forgets me or runs there mouth against me; I always go home to a heart that love me unconditionally, eyes that adore me, arms that will never grow tried of hugging me, ears that will listen and a mouth full of mommys and I love yous.
And that’s just what I asked for.

"You are my heaven on earth
You are my hunger, my thirst
I always hear this voice inside
Singing Ave Maria "

The reason I hustle so hard, stay on my game, and made that change. Was HIM.
I am superwoman because I have HIM.
Everything I do everyday is because and for HIM.
Being Exavier's mom puts me on the top of my grind.

"Sometimes love can come and pass you by
While your busy making plans
Suddenly hit you and then you realize
It's out of your hands, baby you got to understand

You are my heaven on earth
You are my last, my first
And then I hear this voice inside
Ave Maria
Ave Maria
Ave Maria"

Looking in the rear view at the eyes looking back at me, I knew, I know I couldn't be any happier.
---It's like watching my heart outside my body, walk around.

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candied jamz. said...

I just wanted to say thank you for checking out the blog, I really like yours as well. I whole-heartedly accept your apology, and their is no bad blood, I believe you when you say you didn't know, and it's just the Internet, so I'm not phased by people taking my blogs, but not giving me credit, kind irritates me. I know you didn't do it on purpose. And I appreciate you reaching out. Have a great Thanksgiving as well. :)