Friday, November 28, 2008

morning highs

Genuine Positivity Pays Off

Meet Mr. D Z in all his glory.
Incredible artist, photographer, graphic designer, youtuber, and blogger.
Coming from “SMASH CITY”, New York, 24 year old d33zilla
Is making a name for himself all over the Internet.
Become one with the GPPO code and check out his blog and myspace, it’s to your benefit.

..."& in the mist of gettin a good lesson, i had more my life analyzed. .. & the outcome is that we all go through life with circumstances we start but then get side track by other life dilemmas and never fully complete those circumstances that would help place us in the next mode of life 2 move on.. .instead we put a comma ( , ) on them to prolong the outcome, but take those commas ( , ) and turn them into periods ( . ) & finish what you started so that you can move on 2 the next plateau in life. .."


A Thank You goes out to J.BABEZ
for joining my faithful readers.
Thank you and Welcome.

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