Saturday, November 15, 2008

Friday night debriefing

So after a hella of a L O N G week my girlfriends and I decided to make the most of OUR Friday and get the weekend started off right. It’s not very often we do this and we know we should and after this Friday we made a promise to do this WAYYYYY more often. We headed over to the Cheese Cake factory for some drinks, appetizers, and good old bitching and complaining. After a few pomegranate moitos we realized the table next to us had gain quite an interest in us and everything we said and did, it was most entertaining being someone else’s entertainment for the night. Ahhh, I tell you hateful women are the best. lol. Of course being the great women we are, we don’t let anything or anyone ruin our goodtime. So after hours of laughs, great tamale cakes, a few more moitos, and a 100 dollar bill later we stumbled over to PinkBerry to pop my pinkberry. I had never had the pleasure till Friday and let me say it was AMAZING. I love it. I believe it to be my new obsession. Let me be the first to say Moitos and Pinkberry DO mix very well. While in Pinkberry we were blessed with quite a view LMAO, I will explain this in another blog, but let me just say that night I came up with a great idea for a weekly post here on simplyelle. Stay tune.

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