Tuesday, November 25, 2008


So one of my students came by this afternoon and after talking about some of the funniest youtube videos we've seen, she shared with me her guilty pleasure, failblog.com. It has some of the funniest ish I've seen. Have nothing to do, bored, sad, upset, restless, bad day, or just need a good laugh, click, failblog.com. You can spend mindless hours laughing it up. heh. & please enjoy this youtube below.

LIKE WHY? [dying of laughter]

A couple of things, 1st if you’re going to attempt a video session, CLEAN YOUR HOUSE
2nd get some better dancing props, secure one, preferably not a towel before attempting any stripper stuns. lmafrotf.

"she would of died with her titties out, a mouth full of wood in a junky ass room"


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