Thursday, November 13, 2008

blackberry - G1 transition

So, I’ve been saying for months now that my blackberry has had it (shut-up Eric). Basically this phone has seen some better days and may need to RIP. I’ve been back and forth trying to figure out what phone I want to get and what’s actually worth buying, all “GLAM” aside. I have been itching for a touch phone since they first drop but I think the cost is ridiculous, (from a mother’s prospective). Anyhow I’m currently linked up with T-Mobile and yesterday when checking out their site I fell in love with the G1. OMG. It’s beautiful and screams touch me. Haha. So I’m about 75% convince on buying it but may take another week or two to think about it, perhaps a Christmas gift to myself, cause you know I deserve it. Well friends check it out and give me some feedback, especially if any of you have it.

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Seth B. said...

Giving up your CrackBerry? One word: Traitor!