Friday, November 21, 2008

bed rest.

hey all
so it seems I'm mad sick (again, like usual)
after spending my whole afternoon at the doctors yesterday
and missing work for most of the week
I've been placed on bed rest (UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
I figured it would be a great time to caugh up on some stuff
but it seem I haven't an ounce of energy to do a damn thing :..
not even blog.... this is going to be super hard because I hate just
laying here doing N O T H I N G .

but doctor's orders.. (blah))
anyway I guess I'll just fill you all in when time and my health allows

on a side note; THANK YOU to EVERYONE who has sent well wishes, happy thoughts, prayers, get wells, love, and understanding my way. It's always those little things that keep me going and fighting as only superwoman would. &&& it reminds me who my real peoples are.
SO thank you and know I appreciate you!!

alright ya all, avila out.

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arcieri keness said...

How you get better, kid