Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The art of giving

We spend most of our lives trying to gain the world, to impress the world with what we have gained, and then abuse what we have gained in order to gain even more. You are simply judged by the possessions you hold, the money you make, the clothes you wear, the wine you taste, and the last place you ate. Your date book is easily filled by the car you drive, the shoes you walk in, the phone you converse on, the collar you pop, and how much bling is on your watch. All this superficial, fake, phony, face value shit is not legit and needs to quit. When was the last time you did something nice for someone else or better yet a friend? The last time your “act of kindness” didn’t have an ulterior motive or side gig?
Most of my life I’ve been labeled as the “giver”, the one with the “big heart”, always looking out for others before ever thinking about myself. I simply give because it brings me the most joy. Most don’t understand it and have a hard time accepting what I call “the art of giving”. See most people get a high from buying, shopping, and purchasing themselves gifts, trinkets, and all sorts of things they don’t need. Instead I rather make some doe and send my girls a batch of cookies. I rather add another charm to her bracelet, or get my boy that dream he’s been chasing. I’m not a millionaire, not even close but the lord has blessed me and with that, I bless it forward, to the ones who deserve to endure it. My friends and family mean everything to me; I would do anything for them. Every dream they have, I share, I support, fund, and endorse. By all means you may say my friends, mean the world to me. In a world full of hate; I will, can, and shall retaliate, with the gifts I bear, rather minor, small, baked, filled, stuffed, or bought it’s my way of reminding myself and others that good still exists and is alive. In a world full of FAKE, there is still REAL. My friendships are solid and I can’t stand to have any loose links in my chain, I hate being taken for granted, used, or unappreciated, nothing irritates me more then a person who takes my kindness for weakness or dismisses my art for wanting, “them” or something in return. Don’t compromise a good woman, friendship, and person for a major misunderstanding of what your small brain can’t process. Just because I don’t ask for anything in return doesn’t mean I’m a doormat or use to your discretion, I’m just lala and I do what I do for ME bottom line. The art of giving should not take place only once a year, on a birthday, or holiday, giving should be practice in our every life. Make it an effort to be less selfish, and try to remember someone somewhere could use some uplifting, support, encouragement, or just know you care or someone cares. Take a moment to reflect on the people who matter to you, do they know you appreciate them and all they do... we never forget the people who made us feel special, and told us WE do matter.

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