Sunday, October 12, 2008

when morning comes.

a good morning to your ears bloggers.

I thought about you again today
You were wearing that same old face
You know the one with the smile that never ever seems to go away
I asked how you were doing
You said I'm fine, just fine
Well baby you are, that's exactly what you are

You're beautiful with eyes like diamond
Always pleasant like a well-kept promise
A damn shame that your man doesn't know just what he has
He takes you for granted
Beautiful enough to drive a man crazy
Always smiling even if you had a bad day
No wonder why I feel what I feel for ya babe

And All That I Can Say
Is That I Need You Here Today
And If He Ever Goes Away At Least You Know I Care For You
And Baby All That I can Dream
Is That You Feel The Same For Me
And Maybe Then You'll See That I'm The One You Wish That He Could Be

2nd Verse:
You can't deny that his love is not the same
He ain't sweet no more, girl what for
I know you're strong and you can take it but
I'm here if ever you get weak, just come to me
I'll appreciate all the love we make
Girl for heaven sakes
Cause baby to me you're


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