Wednesday, October 22, 2008

no simply fix

so I've been real down lately....for a while, I know great fronter haha.
Anyway hearing this song every morning really reminds me that, things are never "that bad" and in the end th lord knows what's best for me, no matter what "I" think, it doesn't even matter, I trust he knows what he is doing, thing are the way they are for a reason, yet to be shown. I have the faith and he gives me stregth, he is the reason I am so well at masking my not so happiness with complete happiness... It's matter of remembering what brings you joy and simply forgeting what doesn't.
the lord has been so good to me, so I wont complain...

I'm getting ready to take one of my best girlfriends to surgery, so I have to finish getting ready but I had to post this while it was floating around in my noggin.


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