Saturday, October 04, 2008

LA Fair is UNfair. 8/27

From – 08-27-08
After my second time attending the LA fair being vegetarian, I’ve vowed it to be my last time.

The whole idea of the fair is beyond hypocritical, the idea that you take your children to see the farm animals, pet them, feed them, take pictures so on so forth. This portion I enjoyed, my son did also.

It was until we left the farm portion that I really realized what was going on…
DAMN! All the animals we just seen, touched, and feed are being sold on sticks and turned on spits…
Go figure.

How do you explain that to a child, how do you explain that to a vegetarian….


As you walk threw the fair you are surrounded by Bar-B-Q smoke and the smell of deep-fried, everything you can imagine. Truly sickening.

Once the sunsets it seems as though the fair turns into a carnival nightmare that never seems to end. I literally got lost in it. Walking around all you see is drunk people carrying HUGE stuffed animals (yes I know) bigger then them. It was ridiculous, again so hypocritical. My next thought was, what the hell are they going to do with a Scooby Do bigger then them…? Interesting to say the least.

If it wasn’t for great company and cheesecake on the stick I would have never survived!!!
I did have great photo opts!

Enjoy! & as for next year I will save $100+ by avoiding a vegetarian’s nightmare!

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