Friday, October 24, 2008

An Hour and a half

So this morning it took me nearly two hours to get to work when it usually runs me about 25-30mins. The two main freeways that get me to work both had major issues, a truck full of frozen chickens flipped and chickens were literally crossing the road & a truck was on fire on the other. It was madd STOP traffic. PEOPLE do the crazies stuff when placed in time out on the freeway. Car began to cut threw the mounds of dirt diving the two freeways in order to get out of traffic; I snapped a photo of the A-holes. I mean really NO JOB nor PLACE is worth my car and my life, I'll get there whenever. Is it really that serious that you need to off road on the damn freeway, I mean really now...
Anyway it took me almost two hours and I swear I slept most of it.. haha I drink a large ice coffee and a red bull (I was bored) haha.

this is the off road cutters heh.

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