Saturday, September 13, 2008

sushi friday.

rolling sushi and drive-inn.

Salmon & tropic thunder.

good food, great company.

= G O O D T I M E S.

my son stright stunning...

I don't know why but X seems to really dig this guy... hahaha

...give a bother some Asahi and scollps and watch him go. haha.

Best moment of the night had to be all the dancing and singing fosure!

--Everywhere I go, people wanna know. wonder where I been, what's the deal wit him
Is y'all really cool, is he just a friend
Now I'm asking you, tell me what it is
Look me in my eye, you don't have to lie
Must think I'm a fool, f**king round with you
Need to give me proof I need to hear the truth
I just got one question for you--

ohhhh whatttt!!??!! "she is soooo RAW yo!!"

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