Sunday, September 07, 2008

low budget.

2008 VMA is beyond wack this year. Even watching the previews leading up to them I was not at all impressed nor interested in watching them. I don't know what happen but it's like they were on some sort of mini budget. Maybe they spent all the money on paying VH1 not to show a damn thing during the award show, which I thought was really odd and annoying it was like being forced to watch this crap.

First of all WHO THE HELL WAS THE HOST AND WHAT THE HELL WAS HE SAYING...??? And why in the world would MTV let him host the VMA for god sakes. Them the coward seemed to be sitting on what look like two-dollar plastic chairs in an old school high school gym. wack!!! I couldn't believe my eyes, for a min I thought I was watching VH1 haha. haha. ha. Anyhow my high points (and there wasn't many):

P!NK totally kick ass, I loved that song and as always gave a great show.

When TI first started I was thinking OMG what the hell is really going on, he sounded horrible (which many folks did that night) the whole scene with him walking that chic around repeating that same verse over and over again, was killin me. BUTTTTT when they cut the ms. Rhianna, it was on and poppin' she saved his show and the show. I wasn't feelin her first act but this one gave her the came back for the night.

Like you didn't know Wezzey was gonna take the show...I just love watching this man preform it's like crack and redbull all day hahaha him and tpain did it simple but madd cool. I just couldn't stand the fact that his ass was hanging out the whole time!

There were some many errors in the show that I kept asking myself, I'm I being punked??!? Just looked so low budget yo.

As far as the awards go I don't think the right people were nominated or won the moon man. It was a joke. of the year? Wow! More like best recovery.

As always save the best for last and save the show. Kayne West killed it with 'love lock down' but again the sound and effects were madd cheesy. But the sound was ill.

The show was horrible!

rip vma

“808’s and Heartbreaks” due December 16th, until then waiting on the studio version of “Love Lockdown” to drop.

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