Thursday, September 25, 2008

From G's to new hair style, better gear, clean teeth, simi-job having G’s

So I happen to tune into to G's to Gents reunion last night.
Funniest stuff everrrr. Some of these dudes used the show as a way to make money or become "famous". Some got new dues and threds and felt to be changed men. hahaha All it took was one word out of their mouth to know ghetto never left. haha. Like always MYSPACE was bought up which I thought was hilarious hearing these "G"s say YOU DIS'ed me on myspace!!! haha. Although some took the show to heart and really did turn their life around. Which was really nice to see, Creepa was my pick from the beginning along with Kessan. I'm glad one of the two won it. My only question was why doesn't he have a job...?? lol. Anyhow I just love me sum Bentley, my favorite line from the show was "no you don't put bumper stickers on Bentley's" lmao. love it! Best part of the show was the pre-recorded back stage incident with E-6 and Kessan. Disappointment of the show not enough Shaun camera time. lol.

Peep this. lmao.

looking forward to season II.

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